8 Dos and Don’ts of Eating With A Moroccan Host Family

Don’t: Eat too fast. You might stuff yourself with the first course. You finally stop eating, and your host mom removes the dish… Only to bring in the second course. Uh-oh. You’ve pulled an American, and now you’ll have to just keep eating. Which is not such a bad thing, really.

Why is “Eat Local” Even a Thing?

So, if you know me personally, or are a follower of my social media, you'll have noticed that I have a loud of love of local food. Why is eating locally even a thing that is relevant to anyone's lives? I'd like to give you the short end of why this matters to me, and … Continue reading Why is “Eat Local” Even a Thing?

Rants About Australian Food Quality

No, offense, Mom, but I think Australian food might be better. ...In reality, I think it might even be just non-US food. Ouch. Australian food systems seem to be of a better quality than the US. They are simpler; this simplicity, paired with less chemicals, preservatives, industrial farms in general lends toward better quality. Its … Continue reading Rants About Australian Food Quality