It’s Funny Interning Abroad

So, obviously there will be a more deep, reflective post about interning abroad later. But in the mean time, I just don't feel that deep and reflective. I'm about one week deep into the interning process in Sydney, at Australia for UNHCR, or the UN Refugee Agency. So, here's why its weird: I still find … Continue reading It’s Funny Interning Abroad

It’s Weird Watching US Crises From Overseas

In the time I have been in Australia (approx 7 weeks) there have been: two nationally-newsworthy shootings the Syria debate a government shutdown From within the Sydney program, news spreads rumor-like by word-of-mouth. There's a different kind of need to talk about it, a responsibility to share information with your peers when you're together in … Continue reading It’s Weird Watching US Crises From Overseas

Rants About Australian Food Quality

No, offense, Mom, but I think Australian food might be better. ...In reality, I think it might even be just non-US food. Ouch. Australian food systems seem to be of a better quality than the US. They are simpler; this simplicity, paired with less chemicals, preservatives, industrial farms in general lends toward better quality. Its … Continue reading Rants About Australian Food Quality