The Blue Gate, in Fes
The Blue Gate, in Fes

Having been in Morocco for over two months now, I’ve been able to do some reflecting about my experience so far.

These past weeks have been both a challenge and a true reaffirmation of who I am and what I can take.

I, along with my peers, have formed a love-hate (although majority love) relationship with this country and its peoples. It is so exciting, overwhelming, and foreign — all aspects which we simultaneously cherish and mildly resent.

The street harassment, the omnipresent threat of getting ripped off, the conservative culture- all have provided a test of will, at times. Living here hasn’t been easy. Especially when seeing photos of people in European countries partying the time of their life away – and getting a taste of that life when on break in Spain. Living in Morocco isn’t free drinks at bars and high fashion and luxury and comfort- but it is ultimately rewarding.

I feel like if I can live four months in Morocco, I can live anywhere.

Streets of the Medina (old city) of Chefchaoen
Streets of the Medina (old city) of Chefchaoen

This dream has blossomed in me lately – of a two month  post-grad trip backpacking from Thailand through to India. A year ago this wild idea would have remained just a dream. I don’t know how to do something like that. What if it’s scary or too foreign? But, I know how wide my limits are now. I know how to conduct myself in different situations.

I know how to avoid rowdy men in the street,  how to convince a local you respect the culture, how to bargain, or how to deal with a cab driver trying to charge you 5x the normal rate. If I can do this with some confidence now, I can do anything.

And that, ultimately, is worth every minute.

Until next time my curious-minded friends,






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