So, if you know me personally, or are a follower of my social media, you’ll have noticed that I have a loud of love of local food. Why is eating locally even a thing that is relevant to anyone’s lives? I’d like to give you the short end of why this matters to me, and why it could matter to you.

  •   Local food just tastes better. The closer the food is grown to you, the less time it spends in transit and storage. Fresher is better. Most small farms have a 24 hour turn around from plant to market. Food also loses nutrition the longer it has been since it was picked, so farm-fresh produce is often a lot more nutrient-packed than those apples picked last week.
  • It’s Economical. It is so important to support local economy. The more money that stays within a system, the healthier that community is. Supporting local food producers is supporting small business in your area, rather than the Big Wigs at Nestle or General Mills. Plus, small non-industrial farms often promote sustainable farming practices as well as small family business. If you don’t support the little guy, nobody else will.
  • Petroleum- free feasting. Transporting mangoes from Brazil to the U.S., or even apples from Washington to Massachusetts uses a lot of dirty oil and gas to transport food fast. Lettuce picked from California and transported the New England takes 56 calories of fossil fuel energy for every one calorie of food energy to reach your plate. Carbon-footprint, man.  All this being said, why are your food choices significant anyway?
  • Agriculture is the world’s largest industry. Clocking in at about $1.3 trillion annually and employing over a billion people within farming alone (according to the WWU), food is about the biggest thing out there. We all gotta eat, don’t we?
  • You vote with your dollars. Because food is the biggest industry, every food choice you make, and dollar you spend on food products is a vote for what you want to stand for, what kind of business you want to live on and promote. It’s called Purchasing Power.

So there you go, the short list on why this particular topic means so much to me. If you’re interested, you can learn more here! Or even follow the marketing I am doing with the Boston Local Food Program at the Boston Local Food Blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (my personal favorite).

Thanks for reading, guys!


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