So, obviously there will be a more deep, reflective post about interning abroad later. But in the mean time, I just don’t feel that deep and reflective. I’m about one week deep into the interning process in Sydney, at Australia for UNHCR, or the UN Refugee Agency. So, here’s why its weird:

  1. I still find myself oddly fixated by the funny accents. I know, I know. “You’ve been there like two months already!” But, this is the first time I have been immersed in a group of real Australians for extended periods of time. When I’m zoning out, I find myself just listening to the voices of the people that work around me and thinking about how funny they sound. My Aussie accent is almost there guys, don’t worry.
  2. I feel self-conscious about my OWN accent. Making professional phone calls can feel awkward enough when you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your notable American accent. I’ve never felt so aware about my own voice, yikes.  I know I already stand out on the phone having a very young voice, but the American judgement doesn’t help. You hear a slight peak of curiosity sometimes from the other end.
  3. It’s so laid back. This observation is not only just mine, but echoed by some fellow interns too. I had been told, at least for the communications world, that big industry isn’t as crazily fast-paced anywhere else in the world but the states, but I kind of forgot. Deadlines aren’t as crazy, lunches are a bit longer.
  4. Spell check corrected “favorite” to “favourite”. This is so so silly, but still. It was WEIRD, which is what this post is dedicated to.

So, there ya go. one week’s worth of silly reflections. Otherwise, Australia for UNHCR (A4U) has been great! My internship supervisor is this really amazing woman. She is so full of glamour (look, I’m already adding extra letters to things!)  and professional creativity. She takes me to all of her meetings, briefings, and such, which is fascinating. Just last week, I was brought to take notes at a corporate partnership meeting with IKEA Australia! I met the Head of Sustainability for IKEA Australia, which I loved. UNHCR is partnering with IKEA to produce the “Brighter Lives for Refugees” campaign, whereby this Feb/March one euro for every LED light bulb sold will be donated to UN Refugees and we were deciding how we wanted to promote it in Oz. I’m pretty excited to get to work on it further.

Alright, more actually reflective posts about interning to come.



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