Today, as this title proclaims, we spent our Monday off (I love 3 day weekends) doing the coastal 6 kilometer Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach Cliff Walk! It was a breath-taking an exhausting day.

Here’s the route we took:


Sydney has over 90 beaches, all famed for their world-class beauty. Here’s a bit of our first stop, Coogee Beach! Coogee is a beautiful place 🙂

  DSC_07160032 - CopyDSC_07300046 - CopyDSC_07060025 - Copy DSC_07350051 - Copy DSC_07480063 - Copy

Here’s a bit of Gordon Bay:

DSC_07640079 DSC_07650080

…and some silliness on the cliffs. They were a bit scary, but very lovely. Definitely got my thrill for the day, I’d say.

DSC_07910106 DSC_07930108 DSC_07970112

Hi Mom!

DSC_08110126 DSC_08470158

The Waverly Cemetery lines the coast. Not a bad place to rest. Some graves, from a glance, went back as early as 1914 and I’m sure much further before that.



McKenzie Bay was my ABSOLUTE favorite. What a glorious place. Is this not completely breath-taking? I don’t think I’ll ever leave Sydney.

DSC_08690178 DSC_08750184

And we concluded with Bondi Beach (pronounced Bond-eye) and this pool that is famed for having this gorgeous pool right above the beach, overlooking all of Bondi

. DSC_08830192

So, after a long day and long walk, we ended with a little bit of this…


and a little bit of this … 🙂


More to come soon!



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