ImageI am, along with 20% of the US adult population, mildly lactose-intolerant. Therefore, I LOVE when I can find a new recipe that will leave me guilt and discomfort-free! I also have a ridiculous sweet tooth and am a very guilty foodie. I have been on a mlikshake kick this summer and I put together this DELICIOUS smoothie recipe one day when I was a jonesin’ for one but didn’t want to put my tummy through the ringer. If you’re lactose-intolerant too, or just want a healthier, less fattening (slightly) option, try this on for size!

So, here’s my recipe:

Ella’s Non-dairy Chocolate Peanut butter Banana Milkshake

3 oz unsweetened non-GMO soymilk

2 4 oz scoops Trader Joe’s Chocolate flavored Coconut-milk Ice Cream

1/2 a frozen banana (These are great to have in the freezer for smoothies and milkshakes alike! They add great texture)

1 tablespoon All-Natural Dry Roasted Peanut butter


Blend Blend Blend! Then enjoy 🙂

Up next~ I’m feeling inventive. (That’s what happens when you can afford to keep barely any food in your apartment.) I’ve got some delicious Naked Coconut flavored coconut ice cream in my freezer today, as well as some delicious raspberry preserves… raspberry coconut milkshake it is!

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